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Are you a counselor or teacher?

Guidance for Middle School

Are you a teacher or counselor at middle school?

Up until the enrollment process for upper secondary schools in 2022, the Agency for Digitalisation automatically sent out MinID PIN code letters to all 10th graders, through a collaboration with VIGO and the schools. As a result, the student received a letter with a PIN code in the mail without having requested it themselves. The reason we no longer do this is that each student must have an understanding of the creation of a user account in their name, and be aware that a MinID Activation letter is sent in the mail, which can be used to activate an electronic ID that grants access to public services. Here you can read about why you need an eID, what it is used for, and how to acquire it: Get started

Important Considerations for Teachers and Counselors

The student must complete two steps to create a MinID:

  1. Order an activation letter at
  2. Once the activation letter is received, a MinID user can be registered following the instructions in the letter

Ordering an Activation Letter

  • Ordering an activation letter for MinID should be included as a joint activity in the class.
  • Make the student aware that the registration of a MinID user only occurs after the letter has been received, see steps 1 and 2 above.
  • The student needs their national identity number to order MinID, which most students do not know by heart or know where to find. Therefore, help the student obtain their national identity number.
  • The letter is sent in the mail, and it can take up to 14 days depending on postal services. Make sure there is enough time from when the student orders the letter until they need to apply for admission to upper secondary education.
  • The letter is sent without electronic notification. Therefore, the student should be regularly reminded to check their mailbox for the activation letter.
  • The code in the activation letter the student receives is valid for 60 days from ordering. Ensure that the students register a user within a reasonable time after the letter is received.

Registering a User

  • Registering a user should be included as a joint activity in the class.
  • When students register a user, they must provide their own phone number and email address. This information can be used for one-time codes for logging in and, for example, to send responses about school placement and scholarships.
  • The MinID app is simpler and more secure than SMS. Therefore, user registration should be done in the app, to facilitate the use of the app for logging in with MinID.
  • The student should download the MinID app from Google Play or the Apple Store before the joint activity in the class.